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How do I clean brass or copper?

Town Talk’s Anti-tarnish Brass and Copper Polish has been specially formulated for use with solid brass and copper to clean stubborn marks and blemishes. It contains mild abrasives which get finer and finer during the polishing process to give a soft, glowing finish. Depending on how tarnished the metal is, it may require a little elbow grease. It is a non-hazardous polish and as such works differently to those products which rely on higher levels of more hazardous chemical ingredients to react with the metal and clean it in that way. It also includes an anti-tarnish protector to keep your brass or copper tarnish-free for a long time.

Begin by washing and drying your brass or copper items to remove any dirt or dust. Then, using a dry cloth, apply the Town Talk Brass and Copper Polish. Finally, rinse and dry. It’s important to remember that brass and copper darken as they tarnish, so they can look more golden over time. Newly cleaned brass and copper will invariably have a lighter colour after cleaning.

Which is the best stainless steel cleaner to choose?

The term ‘stainless’ doesn’t unfortunately mean ‘stain free’! Anyone with stainless steel appliances or surfaces in their house knows that it really does benefit from being kept clean, because otherwise it can look very dull and dirty. We have two products designed to keep your stainless steel clean and bright.

For appliances such as fridges, freezers and ovens you need Town Talk Stainless Steel Cleaner. It is a mild cleaning solution designed to remove those very annoying smudges, smears and fingerprints, which can then be buffed up to produce a shiny finish.

For tougher stains that you may find on stainless steel pots and pans, worktops and sinks, look no further than Town Talk Stainless Steel Polish. This polish has been specially formulated to remove tough stains and hard watermarks. As stainless steel is such a hard metal, you can apply as much elbow grease as is necessary to get the best results. However, take care on satin finishes. Too much elbow grease may cause items to take on a more polished look. Always try a little on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it will give you the finish you require.

Can I clean my stainless steel cutlery with Town Talk Cutlery Rinse?

No, only use Town Talk Silver Cutlery Rinse on silver and silver-plated cutlery as it can damage stainless steel knife blades.

Stainless steel cutlery is durable and convenient as it can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It is liable to scratch though so it’s best not to overfill the cutlery basket.

Take care not to put stainless steel and silver cutlery in a dishwasher together, as this will cause your silver cutlery to turn black!

Read how to clean your silver cutlery here.

How should I clean my glass or crystal chandelier?

Town Talk has come up with an ingenious, simple and effective way to clean crystal chandeliers that doesn’t require dismantling a complicated network of crystals to wash individually.

Our Luminous Crystal Spray was specially invented for cleaning crystal chandeliers and light fittings, as well as a host of other crystal pieces, such as vases and ornaments. It can restore a brilliant sparkle to the appearance and all you have to do is spray each item until it is dripping wet, then leave it to dry.

When cleaning a crystal chandelier be sure to turn the light off first. Remember – switch it off if you want to stay switched on!

Any top tips for cleaning touch screens?

More and more of us are filling our homes with touch-screen technology and it doesn’t take long, unfortunately, for them to become full of fingerprints and smudges. Luckily we’ve developed a fine little cleaning cloth, made from a wonderfully soft microfibre material, to keep your precious smartphones and tablets clean and smear free. Our Spectacle and Screen Anti-smear Cloth is a handy size to keep on you at all times, in the home and even in the car where you can use it to remove fingerprints off mirrors, display screens and driving glasses. It’s washable too so will last for ages – although don’t put any fabric conditioner in with the wash as this will clog up the fibres and stop the cloth working as well.

How do I clean and protect marble finishes?

Marble tiles, worktops and fireplaces can collect dust and scuffs. As a porous material, marble needs to be carefully cleaned and you should avoid liquid polishes.

Town Talk’s Marble Wax brings a silky smooth finish to a variety of real and artificial marble surfaces, such as quartz worktops. With its unique blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, and its subtle hints of lavender, our Marble Wax is designed to seal and protect the treated surfaces from staining. Apply it sparingly with a soft duster in circular motions and then buff it to a shine.

What’s the best care for my antique wooden furniture?

If you’re looking to clean and protect your new or your antique wooden furniture, you’ll want an easy to use cleaner that can be applied to all your prized possessions. We have several specialist waxes and creams used by professionals and homeowners alike to help make this a satisfying and pleasurable job.

Our traditional Luxury Furniture Wax and Lavender Furniture and Floor Wax are carefully blended and oozing with nourishing ingredients. They can restore the intrinsic beauty of all antique and modern wooden furniture and help provide protection against everyday use.

If you have particularly light or dark wooden furniture, choose a specialist cleaner that can help enhance the colour. Town Talk Furniture Creams come in Light or Dark; the light is particularly matched to beech, ash, maple and pine, while the dark is a good choice for mahogany, walnut, cherry or dark oak. If you’d rather have just one cleaner for all your wood types we have a neutral Cedar Furniture Cream in a convenient spray.

Our wood creams not only give your furniture a lovely lustre, they also offer protection against everyday living – and whether you choose a wax or a cream, they all smell divine!

Can I use Town Talk Furniture Wax on lacquered Furniture?

Furniture Wax of any sort should not be used on any item that has been lacquered. The lacquer will stop the wax from entering the wood and so you will end up with a smeared finish. If this happens, or if you apply too much wax to your piece of furniture, the excess can be removed with a soft muslin cloth which will trap the excess wax and remove it from the surface.

Cleaning leather furniture

Leather sofas and chairs are so practical but we sometimes forget that this porous natural product needs a little TLC. Town Talk’s Leather Cream Spray has the unique fragrance of lemon and lime, bringing a zingy freshness to all your leather furniture.

We’ve spent time perfecting a unique blend of ingredients including lanolin, beeswax and carnauba wax, so our leather cleaner not only helps prevent leather from drying out, it can also help revive its natural suppleness. It works wonders on leather car interiors, handbags, briefcases, purses and shoes too!