Our history


First founded in 1895, Town Talk Polish has 125 years of history. Below is a timeline that shows how the company has grown and become the established brand it is today. 

Where it Began


In the 1890s an inventive gent from Lancashire developed a number of ways to clean and polish Victorian silverware. Taking advantage of the local pure, soft Pennine water and the high-quality cotton woven in nearby mills, he perfected one particular item – an impregnated silver polishing cloth. This was a novel combination of an already successful silver polishing liquid, and the soft cotton so readily to hand.

Its ease of use and effective anti-tarnish qualities led to it quickly becoming the ‘talk of the town’ and so, in 1895, ‘The Town Talk Polish Company,’ was founded. To this day, a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth is considered to be the finest available by silversmiths and professional jewellers the world over.

The Birth of Mr Town Talk

Early 1900's

In the early 20th century, as Town Talk became more established, a celebrated artist called Austin Knight created the Town Talk Logo, featuring the animated image of Mr Town Talk, The polished Gentleman. Mr Town Talk continues to represent our company values, epitomising our lasting commitment to the utmost in quality, customer service and ease of use.


Becoming Global


In the 1920’s, with such specialist products not widely available, the company began exporting internationally. Now Town Talk exports to over 50 countries and 5 continents!

Town Talk and the Media


Amid a media boom, Town Talk Polish began press advertising and selling through jewellers, silversmiths, ironmongers and chemists.

Product Expansion


Town Talk’s 3 original products, the Silver and Gold Polishing Cloths and a Silver Plate Powder, were extended through a focus on new product development. Specialist jewellery cleaners were introduced alongside the Silver Care range.

Introducing Household


Town Talk’s first furniture wax /polish was introduced to the market, becoming the 1st household product in the range.


MR TT Duster
Mr TT MF Duster

Bringing Mr Town Talk to Life


During these years, Town Talk’s branding evolved to show illustrations of Mr Town Talk doing his favourite polishing and cleaning! He’s still an iconic part of the Town Talk brand.

Award Winning Designs


The oval wax tin design won a prestigious MPMA Best in Metal silver award for design.

Launching the original Household Range


In this year, Town Talk’s Original Household Range was launched, encompassing a collection of surface cleaners, floor cleaners, laundry products and washing up liquids.

Starring in Downton Abbey


Town Talk’s original Silver Polish was recreated for an appearance on ITV’s award-winning TV drama Downton Abbey. It is still widely used in many historic houses to this day.


The choice of Professionals


The pictured Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth was used during the re-making of both the FA cup & for the final polish of the Carling cup – the choice of professionals world wide!


The Story Continues

2019/ 2020

Town Talk had the honour of being granted the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen. This, alongside the launch of newly designed packaging and reaching 125 years in business, marks the continuation of exciting and promising prospects for the years to come.