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Silver Sparkle will remove tarnish and clean even the hard to reach areas. Finish with the Silver Polishing cloth included for added anti-tarnish protection.
A Silver Polishing Cloth or Silver Sparkle will make your item sparkling again!

Silver Sparkle or a Silver Care Kit Wallet are both sure to remove heavy tarnish that has built up on your jewellery.

To remove tarnish use a Silver Polising Cloth, taking care to avoid the gemstones. Clean all over with a Jewellery Spray and the Microfibre Cloth included to remove dirt.

A quick polish with a Gold Polishing Cloth is all your item needs to become sparkling again!

Jewel Sparkle will deep clean jewellery, even cleaning behind stone settings. The Gold Care Kits and Jewel Sparkle Wand are perfect gift ideas- either for a jewellery lover, or as an engagement gift!
For a quick polish, use a Microfibre Polishing Cloth. If your jewellery needs a deeper clean, use the Jewellery Spray - it is great for cleaning jewellery with all types of gemstones & the brush can be used to clean the hard to reach areas!

All of our pearl products will clean your pearls and help to protect their gleam. The Pearl Spray is simple to use, and the care kits are ideal for travelling.

Give your Fashion Jewellery a quick Polish with a Microfibre Cloth to remove surface dirt and finger marks.

Jewellery Spray will give your fashion jewellery a deep clean- you can use the brush to clean the hard to reach areas, and finish with a polish using the microfibre cloth included.

Use a Watch Polishing Cloth to remove surface dirt and fingermarks, alongside a Jewel Sparkle Wand which works wonders cleaning between the bracelet links!

Use a Watch Polishing Cloth to remove dirt and fingermarks from the face of your watch. Use alongside a Leather Cream to clean the leather straps and prevent them from drying out.
To remove tarnish from your cutlery, use Cutlery Rinse and finish with a Silver Polishing Cloth or Silver Mitts. After using your cutlery, Silver Foam is perfect to use at the sink- it both cleans the silver, and gives anti-tarnish protection.

Silver Polish or Silver Polish Spray will clean and remove tarnish on ornate silverware. Use alongside a Filigree Brush to reach all the crevices.

For a light clean and polish, try our Silver Polishing Cloths or Silver Mitts. Silver Care Kits are also an easy way to clean your silver, containing both a Silver Polishing Cloth and Silver Polish Tissues.

To remove heavy tarnish, use Silver Polish, Silver Polish Spray or Silver Foam. It's always a good idea to finish with Silver Polishing Cloth for maximum shine.